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    QMS – trends 2022

    QMS – trends 2022


    Many entrepreneurs welcomed the year 2022 with the hope that the weakening pandemic would contribute to the stabilization of the situation on global markets. The delusion of peace did not last too long, because in February all hopes were effectively dashed by the war in Ukraine, which is still going on and generates or deepens existing problems – including energy crisis. All this has a strong impact on entrepreneurs who are forced to look for new solutions, and thus to seek changes in quality management systems. Here are the trends in QMS at the halfway point of 2022.

    Cloud activities

    The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to change the way they work, while showing that you can work from anywhere in the world – all you need is the right tool. Until recently, clouds mainly provided access to data files, although most companies preferred to store data on company servers anyway. Today, after the experience of Covid -19, companies are not only moving data to the clouds, but also using applications that allow you to do work in the cloud.

    Clouds not only shed new light on quality management, but also improve this process, making it more flexible and giving the ability to control and monitor data from any device and place in the world. QMStorm is a quality management system that can be installed in the cloud, thanks to which users can assign tasks (e.g. to employees who are located in another branch of the company) and track their progress.

    Hybrid work

    Remote work creates new opportunities, but also brings challenges for the QMS, as it generates the need to develop procedures and instructions related to its performance, as well as the secure processing of company data. Fluent communication between employees, or the difference in the approach to performing duties at home and in the company, is also an important problem – including various variables that affect the quality of work and the employee’s performance, e.g. the presence of small children at home.

    Artificial intelligence and analytics

    Quality management systems are increasingly using AI to generate various data. These are reports from audits, conducted research, but also more advanced and extensive information on e.g. risk analysis or various simulations. Having data from the QMS, we are able to better plan activities, more efficiently report CAPA, predict potential risks, and thus make decisions that will translate into better quality of services or products.

    Defining employee roles and work performance standards

    The process approach to work translates into its quality. It is important that the employee knows not only his duties, but also the quality standards for the service performed or the product manufactured, and the course of the entire process.

    Improving the quality of the supply chain

    Monitoring the supply chain as well as its control in terms of risk is an important aspect, because even minor disruptions in the course of supplies can bring large losses to the company. Until 2020, the situation on the market was stabilized and most entrepreneurs were not prepared for unexpected events, such as Covid-19 or the war in Ukraine. These events show how important it is to constantly monitor information in real time, as well as digitize the supply chain.

    Alternative energy sources

    Environmental protection is a trend that has increasingly appeared in the QMS. Companies decided to introduce measures, i.e. sustainable production, packaging or recycled components (e.g. from PET bottles). For several years, more and more companies, especially production companies, have decided to use alternative energy sources, i.e. photovoltaics or heating with heat pumps. In the current situation, many companies face a serious problem related to very high prices of coal, electricity and gas. Hence, alternative energy sources are potential savings that can have a very significant impact on the functioning of many enterprises.

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