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    Advantages of QMStorm:

    • intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • clear and understandable functionality
    • the possibility of expanding the program depending on the needs of the organization
    • the system supports standards and requirements: ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 13485, GLP, GMP, GDP, HACCP
    • advanced search options that speed up your work
    • responsive - the ability to work on computers and tablets
    • works on any operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux, MacOS)
    • effective training system for employees and new users
    • 24/7 technical support

    Where to use?

    QMStorm is an application that can be implemented in any organization based on quality management standards.

    The system supports universally used quality management standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, GxP, HACCP …

    What characterizes QMS?

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    Constant insight into the processes currently taking place in the system ensures full control and the ability to react quickly


    Documents are presented and processed in a clear and intuitive way, making it easier day-to-day work of both those directly involved in quality management and and other employees



    The system is built on the basis of permissions that enable sharing information and documents only to the persons to whom they are dedicated


    You decide - the structure of documentation and processes taking place in system is user-definable, thus ensuring accuracy a reflection of how the organization works


    QMStorm means benefits for your company

    Digitization, as well as the creation of new documents in digital form, increases the efficiency of work. They are stored in one place and accessible to authorized users or groups. Thanks to the advanced search options, employees can quickly find the files they are interested in, as well as enter new documents into the system. QMStorm has the option of tagging and adding categories, linking documents with other documents and assigning them to specific people. It is possible to preview the status of a task or the version of given document. We know at what stage is the user or users to whom we have sent the task to perform (e.g. whether they have already familiarized themselves with the new version of the file).

    QMStorm consists of modules that can be freely combined, modified or treated as a separate application. In practice, this means that an organization can use several or one module, if necessary. The program can also be integrated with other systems.

    Modules available:

    • Document management
    • Processes
    • Risk management
    • CAPA
    • Training
    • Audits

    QMStorm gives you the opportunity to check whether the user has read the document, and whether he has completed the task commissioned by us, or at what stage of its execution he is. SOPs or Process cards can be send to employees with a deadlines set to complete a proper training.

    QMStorm allows you to track processes in real time, and also gives you the opportunity to view both their history and archived data. Thanks to the program, we can keep track of what is happening with the task or training we commissioned. When creating a new event in the system, we can assign it to a specific user or group, link it to another event or document, and schedule its start and end date. Users to whom we assign a task receive a notification from the system. QMStorm gives you the ability to generate automatic reports on changes made to processes and documents. Keeping a register of changes is necessary in organizations with an implemented Quality Management System.

    QMStorm has a scheduler function, which allows you to plan activities, i.e. tasks, training, internal audits and automatic reports. The user can specify the start and end date of the process.

    QMStorm works on computers, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to this, we can assign tasks and send documents from anywhere, without the need to use a computer. At the same time, employees can, for example, use a telephone to find a process card without using a computer. Which significantly reduces the time to complete the task - otherwise the employee would have to spend time going back to the office and looking for the card in the computer.

    SoftSystem specialists and programmers are at your disposal 24 hours a day! Our response time to your request is less than 0.5 hours! As part of the cooperation, you receive substantive support, as well as the possibility of ongoing development of the program and adapting it to the needs of the company.



    Discover the full capabilities of QMStorm by integrating it with other systems such as LIMS, HR, MES or ERP. Full control over changes and all information collected in one integrated IT system without need to relogin.


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