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    How to use in your industry?

    An application that allows for effective management documentation in a way that supports the processes of the quality management system. Documents such as: Quality Manual, General Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Manuals, along with their documentation are stored and processed in the system.

    The processes of creating, reviewing and approving changes in the quality system are handled in the application, completely eliminating the need to store paper document versions.


    Manufacturing industry

    The manufacturing industry requires documentation and processes to ensure that the final product meets the customer's expectations and at the same time brings profit to the company.


    Medical devices/medicine

    The program supports the Quality Management System in organizations involved in the design, production, installation and servicing of medical devices.


    Environmental Protection

    Environmental protection is an aspect that is becoming more and more important also in the management of individual organizations, especially those that have an impact on the environment.



    The quality of pharmaceutical products depends on meeting the requirements of the specification of compliance with the registration documentation, as well as the safety of the drug.


    Aviation and defense industry

    Aerospace and defense are sectors that require high standards of production and product quality.


    Automotive and electronics

    Automotive and electronics are two sectors that have been working together for several years.


    Food industry

    The food industry is based on the production of food in accordance with the so-called "food law", as well as characterized by high quality and safety of consumption.

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