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    Plan, control, manage

    Build quality with QMStorm!

    QMStorm - Your quality management system!

    Building quality requires the use of appropriate methods and procedures, as well as the development of an internal, coherent system for their implementation. QMStorm is a comprehensive solution that works well wherever support for maintaining quality standards is needed.

    The program facilitates and accelerates key activities in the field of documentation necessary in the quality management process. The individual modules of the program enable the creation of an orderly structure of activities, tailored to the needs of the company. In this way, you get one coherent system in which you:

    • manage documentation,
    • analyze and create reports,
    • carry out audits,
    • create training,
    • manage the risk,
    • run a CAPA,
    • implement your own solutions for the Quality Management System
    • manage complaints.

    Remember! Documentation of the Quality Management System is not unnecessary bureaucracy! In-depth and efficient document management translates into the quality of processes and products, improves work, supports corrective and preventive actions, as well as risk management. All this converts into the development of your company and customer satisfaction.


    What characterizes QMStorm?

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    Constant insight into the processes currently taking place in the system ensures full control and the ability to react quickly


    Documents are presented and processed in a clear and intuitive way, making it easier day-to-day work of both those directly involved in quality management and and other employees



    The system is built on the basis of permissions that enable sharing information and documents only to the persons to whom they are dedicated


    You decide - the structure of documentation and processes taking place in system is user-definable, thus ensuring accuracy a reflection of how the organization works


    How to use in your industry?

    The application ensures effective and precise management of the processes of the Quality Management System. QMStorm is a package of integrated modules that can also function as independent modules apps. It is therefore a solution that can be implemented regardless of the size of the organization and the specifics of the industry in which it operates.

    Among the available solutions, we offer the following modules: Documentation, CAPA, Audits, Risk Management, Trainings, Processes.


    There are unlimited possibilities. How will you use them?


    QMStorm enables full digitization of documents, as well as related processes. Thanks to this, your data is organized and easily accessible to you and your employees, as well as secured and constantly controlled.

    QMStorm has advanced search options that allow you to precisely define the scope of the data you are interested in. You can use filters, i.e. date added, assigned users, tasks, related documents or processes.

    QMStorm supports users in planning, preparing and conducting an audit. Using the system, you will set the date of the audit or dates of cyclical audits, assign users, attach documentation, and monitor the course of the entire process.

    Thanks to QMStorm, you can efficiently and quickly create a task and assign it to employees. You can set a start and end date, assign selected documents, and monitor the progress of the task and the activities of participants in real time.

    QMStorm enables employee training and monitoring of its progress. Thanks to this, you can assign tasks based on completed trainings and acquired competencies, e.g. permissions.

    QMStorm is a guarantee of data and process security. The system gives the ability to assign permissions that define the scope of access to documents and processes for individual users. Importantly, each change made to the files is reported by the system.


    Explore the modules you can use to improve work in your company


    The Documents module allows you to create, edit, manage, store and archive documentation necessary to support the QMS. Documents are stored securely.

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    The Audits module gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently create and plan an audit. Thanks to the calendar function, you can schedule regular audits.

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    Risk management

    The risk management module enables systematic risk identification and analysis according to the ISO 9001 standard. The module allows you to create risk registers in a simple and understandable manner.

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    The module enables process management in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. It consists of a structured view of process cards with which procedures, roles, authorizations and responsibilities can be linked.

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    The module enables quick and effective creation of training for employees, both on-line and on-site. As part of the module, the user can send training materials in the form of files.

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    The CAPA module allows for transparent and effective management of corrective and preventive actions. Non-compliances can be reported directly by system users.

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    The module includes an external portal for accepting customer complaints and an internal system for processing such complaints. It allows for a complete handling of complaints, from its registration through consideration, to taking final action.

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    SoftSystem is one of the leading European companies creating and implementing IT system for laboratories. Company provides systems and integrational services for medical centers and facilities around the world.

    Founded in 1990, the company is growing dynamically gaining an excellent reputation as a valued employer and reliable software supplier.



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    Discover the full capabilities of QMStorm by integrating it with other systems such as LIMS, HR, MES or ERP. Full control over changes and all information collected in one integrated IT system without need to relogin.


    SoftSystem is one of the leading companies on the European market dealing with creation and operation of laboratory IT systems and integration services for facilities medical.


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